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Antibiotic-resistance infections are increasing also among children - Watch the interview of MD, Pediatrician Ville Peltola

Antibiotic-resistant infections are increasing also in children nationally and globally. Antimicrobial resistance has the potential to affect anyone, of any age in any country.  Although the number of antibiotic prescriptions written for children has decreased in recent years, almost 30% of antibiotics prescribed to children are still unnecessary. Watch Dr. Ville Peltola’s interview on the www.tackleamr.com website. Interview focuses in the following theme: How big problem is antibiotic resistance among pediatric patients and what is the pediatrician’s role in preventing and curtailing antimicrobial resistance. Dr. Peltola also summarizes how CRP and Strep A tests at point-of-care can help to support the optimal use of antibiotic in pediatrics.

Watch the interview: http://www.tackleamr.com/educational-resources/interviews/